Our Specialization

    • Bridges (Box-Girder, Pre-Stressed, Post-Tensioned, I-Girder, Beam Bridges, Etc)

    • Foundations (Well Sinking, Open Foundation, Pile Foundation, Etc)

    • Canal Irrigation Projects (Aqueducts, Box Canal, Open Canal, Etc)

    • Tunnels (Cable Tunnels, Canal Tunnels, Dam Tunnels, Etc)

    • Dam Projects (Flood Dams, Dam Gates, Earth Dams, Spillways, Etc)

    • Flood Control Projects

    • Excavation (Earth Excavation, Earth Filling, Earth Leveling, Compaction, Earth Works, Excavation Works,     demolition, Dismantling Works, Site Leveling, Land Leveling, Etc)

    • R.C.C Works (All Types of Shuttering, Concreting, Binding Of Steel, Foam Works, Etc)

    • Road Works (Premix Carpeting, Asphaltic Carpeting, Soling And Bearing, Causeways, Etc)

    • Railways ( Embankments, Blanketing, Etc)

    • Building Works


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