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Ranjeet Sagar Dam Project

Spillway of R.S.D Project

Front View Of Spillway of R.S.D Project

Heavy Embankment R.S.D Project

Slab Work Being Executive By N.I.C.C. Of Power House of R.S.D
Bridge along with Earthern Embankment on Dehri Khad H.P

Box-Girder Bridge along with Earthern Embankment on Dehri Khad H.P

Another View of Box-Girder Bridge 50m Long (Two spans of 25m each)
Road Bajhera To Ghar (9.1km) in H.P constructed by N.I.C.C
S.N.P Himachal Pardesh

Cut And Cover Box section Of S.N.P Himachal Pardesh

Aquaduct A1(400m long) on Piers Of S.N.P Himachal Pardesh

Aquaduct A2(175m long) on Piers Of S.N.P Himachal Pradesh

Tunnel T1 (Completed )at S.N.P Himachal Pradesh

Curve Portion Of Tunnel T1

Tunnel T1 Connectiing Aquaduct A2

Front View Of Tunnel T2 Under Construction


Side View Of Tunnel T2 Of S.N.P Himachal Pradesh


I.P.H Minister H.P Inspectioning Tunnel Works

Construction Of Heavy Earthern Embankment Including Crated Boulder Apron And Slope Pitching For Flood Protection Swan River
Gated Head Works Of S.M.I.P On Dehar Khad (H.P)
Chief Adminstrative Officer Of Northern Railway Along With C.E Inspecting the Doubling O Railway line Cholang To Pathankot sector
Work being executed for well sinking bridge
16m High Rain Harvesting Dam in Progress in Distt UNA of H.P
24m High Aqaduct of S.N.I.P in Himach Pradesh for Irrigation Purpose
250m long Prestressed Box Girder 6span(42m each) Well Sinking Bridge on Rear Beas In Himachal Pradesh completed on 29.12.2012
Tunnel of P.S.I.M.I.P in Progress in Distt Kangra of H.P
20m High Rain water Harvesting Dam consisting two under sluices gates and its lifting Arrangement.



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