Professionals and Consultants

Er.R.K. Aeri , Chief  Engineer (Retd).

            Joined Punjab Irrigation Department in February 1963 at the prestigious Beams Project. Quickly he gained expertise in tunneling jobs and later on he was deputed on the construction of Pandoh Baggi Tunnel (13Km). of the B.S.L. Project. He proved his worth fully there also. He was sent on foreign assignment to the Govt. of Iraq initially for a year, but he was detained for the full terms of 5 years. In Iraq he got many appreciation letters for his dedication and overall performance. 
           On returning to India, he took up the challenging job in four 12M. dia tunnel on the R.S.D. Project, Which he did with fully credit. He took over the Construction of spillway as Exe. Engr. And also as an S.E . On his promotion as Chief Engineer, he was entrusted the time bound and Arduous job of tunnel closure in addition to spillway, from where he retired from Punjab Government Service.
           He has the art of creating a team and also making a very cordial and healthy working atmosphere which is most conducive to the work. His meticulous planning and deft handling of man power of all levels has been instrumental in the timely and smooth completion of many major jobs.


Er. S.A.S. Sandhu Superintending Engineer (Retd)

            Er. Sandhu, graduate in Civil Engineering, joined the Punjab Irrigation Department in 1964 at Pandoh on B.S.L. Project, When the project was at its infancy stage.

            At the lowest rung of the administration, he as a Sub Divisional Officer, got executed the work of massive rock excavation (By drilling and blasting) of side type spillway of  “PANDOH DIVERSION DAM”. The work of foundation excavation of the Dam and placement of its embankment was also done under his supervision. He also worked in diversion Tunnel during its excavation and concreting.

            He want to deputation to “AFGHANISTAN” though WAPCOS (A Central Govt. consultancy Organisation) to conduct the explonatory drilling for selecting the site for a Dam on Helmend  river. He as a Executive Engineer, worked at Muckerian Hydel Project and got executed numerous Hydraulic structures such as construction of embankment of Hydel Channel,  Bye Pass Channel at Power House site, Escape Channel Head Regulator, Bridges and cross –drainage works.

             During his posting as Superintending Engineer on Ranjit Sagar Dam, he was entrusted various time bound work of construction of foundation gallery under main dam, concreting of power house building and its allied works of Tail Race  Channel and U/S Pen Stock (Cut and Cover portion). The most difficult work of placing of concrete behind the Pen Stock liners in the Pen Stock tunnels from D/S Portals and through 140M deep shafts where completed under his supervision. The closure work in the tunnel  T1, which was on the critical path of commissioning of the project was also completed during one working season of 8 months time under his guidance.

            Due to his devotion to duties and hard work he was putting in the completion of project works, he was re-employed in same rank of Superintending  Engineer after his retirement by the Department.

            He is known in the Department for his quality of devotion to wards his duties and building and involving his team to take up challenging engineering works.

Er. R.D. Sharma, Executive Engineer (Retd).

            Er. R. D. Sharma, Diploma in Civil Engineer, joined as Junior Engineer during 1946. He was promoted as SDO during 1956 and posted at prestige Bhakhra Dam Project. After completion of the Bhakhra Dam Project, he worked on BSL Project for 13 years. After that he was posted at RSD Project as Executive Engineer during the year of 1978.He retired Xen. From R.S.D. Project on 30th September 1984 after Serving the department for 38 years.

           He has a vast experience of all types of Project works such as Excavation, Concreting, Dam Construction, Construction of Residential and no residential buildings, Construction of Road Protection work etc. He is associated with company since 1986 and is instrumental in establishing the Company.


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